Drab Fireplace Tuesday, January 25

As I looked at my fireplace the other day, I realized it really was so dark and gloomy.  In desperate need of a face lift and some color! As I was working on my spring line for HeirBloom, I fell in love with this orange color and the rest is history.

I then pulled an orange color from what I already had going in the house... which if you are anything like me you love to change your decor all the time!  I always get inspired and motivated to do new things and try different styles etc.  I am pretty much ready to move again just so I can start the entire house over, I think eventually when I move into a fabulous cottage home with tons of windows on a wooded lot and a relly cool tree house for the kids, I wil want to stay forever... we'll see. :)

So here is where we started, dingy brown mirror but it's cool and has alot of detail work

Here's the color I picked, I have this kind of bright/muted orange throughout the house already

I really like how it turned out, I thought maybe the orange would blend in too much with the wood grain but it actually plays up nicely.  I wanted you to see the pillows because I have the teal color in the pillows and a throw blanket, so I didn't want to use the teal or blue on the mirror, also my kitchen chairs are painted a really cool vintage aqua

Just by changing this focal point in our house, it feels much more "happy"... have you done any face lifts lately, send me some pictures and I will post them.

Flower Power Monday, January 24

I decided on a color pallat for my HeirBloom spring line and I am excited to get working.  It made me think of how much I love colors... I will post some of my new creations soon

I am so drawn to all things spring right now.  Maybe because it is gloomy outside and not very spring looing.  Wow, colorful trenches are lookin good

This coral jacket is from http://www.nordstrom.com/ on sale for $33

 I love the shape of this pale yellow jacket from http://www.newyorkandcompany.com/ for $50 and this lovely coral belt for $7 on sale, reminded me of a Cherry Blossom tree, they are so beautiful!

I am very inspired to incorporate some major brightness in my house! As bold as this yellow watch.  I will post pictures of the project I will be working on.  I am taking a big mirror and painting it bright orange as a accent piece in my family room

Who here would attempt the yellow eye shadow?  Anyone?

Oh Lovely Photos Thursday, January 20

I am very proud to have been the stylist on this shoot with photographer Jeff Anderson.  It was amazing... on location to Williams Tree Farm with a van full of gear and styling in a  little cabin with heaters and lights.  Jeff went all out on this one and the pictures show it!

Models Kara and Sara were so much fun... we were freezing to say the least but they still look beautiful

Featuring my HeirBlooms on this shoot was also exciting
The hair pieces and brooch are from http://heirbloom.etsy.com/

Love this one of Kara. 

My Picks Wednesday, January 19

So here is what I found in plaid... since the budget would not allow for the $200 Lamb blazer I went with this brown toned plaid blazer from New York and Company for 60% off $14.99!  Oh yes gotta love a sale.  I paired it with an olive green t from express that has a brown sequins heart!

Here are some of my other favorite picks ...

 Rolled pants, interesting and femanine white blouse tops with blazers and striped cardi for sure from http://www.anntaylorloft.com/

Might attempt the short sock with the platform heal this season! These are fun looks under $50 bucks from http://www.charlotterusse.com/ I love that gray dress!

Splurge alert!  OHHHH I want this top and the pants too, but the top is fabulous!  Its from anthro of course and is pushing $200... but lookin like it's worth it to me, you?

 Oh lovely stripes! ANTRHO

I want this skirt or something like it! Fabric is great, stripes would look awesome up against this burnt orange sweater and of course paired with a beautiful HeirBloom to tie it all together

Couple picks from http://www.modcloth.com/ - Shirt dresses and shoulder accents! 

What are some of your picks for Spring... Send me some pics of what is catching your eye?

Plaid Monday, January 17

I am on the hunt for a plaid blazer!  I will find one and take a pic this week to show you what I came up with but for now here is where I'm finding inspiration.  Any suggestions?

This was from www.charlotterusse.com but I think it is off the web and in stores on the clearance rack

http://www.modcloth.com/ $79 bucks... good deal!

As I was checking out some other bloggers and searching the web, I came across Gwen Stefani and she is looking amazing in her own blazer from her LAMB collection.  Honeslty, I want this entire outfit

Ths is the LAMB blazer that Gwen is wearing, you can get it right now on www.zappos .com for $200, which is almost half off regular price

Here are two other Plaid blazers styled nicely!

Help me find one!

Make it yours! Thursday, January 13

I barrowed this very pretty minty green http://www.anthropologie.com/ top from my friend Linds and morphed it into my "version"... How would you style this top?

Anthro Shirt - $50 - $65 (Barrowed)
Anthro necklace - $9.99
MaryKay - Orange Lipstick - $6.99 Stay tuned for my new spring make-up look!
New York and Co Belt - $6.99
New York and Co Cardi - $14.99
The Buckle - Suede Booties - $49

Here are some other minty greenalicious things that I love

sweet floral, and a little mini... adorable

Remember http://www.modcloth.com/ I am loving it more now that i saw this awesome mint green lace skirt!

Even Mint in a kitchen!

Adorable femanine top from http://www.victoriasecret.com/

 Who doesn't want a fabulous Mojoito... have you ever ordered one with loads of mint leaves? Don't smile!

And these little beauties from Anthro I just loved and felt the need to end with something so pretty!