Home Office Spaces Monday, April 30

I am seeking inspiration for my HeirBloom home office!  As I showed you last week my current space is a disaster!  So here are some pretty ideas to help me get going. 




Love this ribbon holder idea athome.kimvalle

Creative Style - Summer SHOES! Wednesday, April 25

I am kind of a shoe person and the problem is I like every kind of shoe!  Flats, pumps, sandals, flip flops, and the statement shoe! It is really hard to find the right shoe, one that really flatters.  Now that they are making everything under the sun you have to remember not every style is going to flatter your body, just like clothes.  That may sound funny to some of you, but the truth is, if you have more muscular legs or thicker ankles your best option is not the gladiator style sandal.  Anything that wraps around your ankle, although super cute is not going to give a long and lean look.  I fall into this category, because I am built more muscular and have lager calfs... and trust me I have tried forcing this look and it is not pretty! 

Jessica Simpson  has done a great job with her line this year.  She is even carrying girl clothes and shoes now at Macy's.  I have my eye on the orange shoes and who doesn't love a polkadot right! But keep in mind a pump which goes behind the ankle and not in front is going to give you a longer leaner leg.


If I could... I would love to wear these mint green sandals from Nordstrom... love these!

My go to shoe of the summer is usually a pair of Havaianas  and look now you can design your own pair exactly how you like!  For you and your littles!

Even Crocs have come up with some great neon options for women and girls that are cuter than the typical style we like for our boys.

And finally something I have been eyeing and waiting for my little twins toes to be big enough to wear are the Toms  

Waiting Monday, April 23

I have been super busy with the launch of HeirBloom and didn't even pick up my laptop this whole week!  What happens in your house when you are working on a project?  Does everything else fall apart or just not get done until you finally finish and can focus your attention back on the every day? I think you would have enjoyed seeing my home this past week with piles of laundry and Heirbloom stuff strewn literally throughout 4 different rooms depending on where I felt like designing. Well... the hard work paid off and here is my "spot" at Village Green!

And as I was floating on cloud 9 Friday, I also had a dermatologist appointment, one that I have every 3 months since December of 2009 when I was diagnosed with stage II melanoma. Thank God after surgery, all the margins were removed and we could breath a sigh of relief. My heart just aches for the many families who did not get that same kind of news and have spent years fighting and praying for their health, their lives!  Cancer is such a scary word, I don't even like saying it.  I would be lying if I said, I never become fearful, fearful that I may face a "battle" of my own or that my pathology report does not come back clear, but then I also believe that no matter my circumstances, my God is able to guide me, carry me, support me, encourage me, deliver me, heal me, and restore me. He is able to do exceedingly more than I could imagine or hope for.  And because I have chosen to have a relationship with him, nothing I face, I face alone.  

So now I wait, as I had 2 biopsies Friday. Over the past 2 years I have gotten used to just popping in and out, getting the "all good" check from my Dr. and going on my way.  This time, she decided to hole punch a mole on my back that she had been watching and thought there had been some pigment change and the other one was a new mole on my right hip that shocked me a little. It was small but when she magnified it, you could see many different colors going on and I could feel my stomach turn a little as I knew she didn't like that.   So we did the biopsies and by the way if you have had one, the numbing shots are just awful! Not something I will ever get used too! Then of corse the one of my hip became infected and so now I am on antibiotics!  My very sweet Dr. called today to check on me and make sure the meds were working and although I had a slight heart attack when I saw her number, I was very relieved she was just checking on me.  And so I am still waiting, waiting to hear if all is fine and life continues as normal or if I will have to go back and have more margins removed for further testing or if I will have to go on to the plastic surgeon or back tho the Oncologist. I do not believe that will happen, I am trusting for the best and keeping HIS word before me, but these times of "waiting" can get unsettling and hard to not let your mind rabbit trail to the what if's.  So as I wait, I will fill my mind with truth and promises and wait  with him.

Whats on the pink chair? + Spring Jewels Saturday, April 14

My first messenger bag!  Got it for my birthday this year and love it!

Heirbloom Brooch Necklace

Pretty jewels from Anthropologie

Modish Blog /kaboodle/etsy/

Easter Rewind + Family Update + Spring Break Wednesday, April 11

For those who have reached out wondering why I haven't been posting! Thank you so much for caring and  truthfully it was really nice to know you enjoy reading! Well, I am still recovering from a week of spring break and Easter plus Nate and I are in a "transitional" time right now, not sure what the next steps are and really praying God will lead us.  It's been a bit scary and overwhelming but we have to lean on what we KNOW which is that he has never failed us and has always come through in just the nick of time.  Not gunna lie, it has been really uncomfortable at times and maybe a bit unclear but we are hanging in and trusting! Oh and I am loving being mommy to my sweet twins. It is an adventure for sure! They are eating more solids and sleeping less so it is not allowing for much "extra" time.  But you all get that, right?

Also, I am beyond excited for HeirBlooms retail launch coming up April 21st at Village Green One of my fav places in town and the coolest home and garden store featuring lots of whimsy and eclectic goodies as well as local artists and amazing flowers, furniture, and anything you could dream up for your patio!  So I am super busy making a 25 piece collection at night and all the little spare moments here and there.  If your free Sat April 21st pop over anytime between 10 and 3 to visit me! This is my current work space, which is just hilarious, because I have every intention of making it really organized I just cannot make it happen before next week, so pretty much things are spread out around the house!

The past week went by so fast and this year I just decided we were NOT dying eggs!  Don't get me wrong I love doing it but this year, I just wanted to focus on the true meaning of Easter, as for our family the older kids are now able to understand the "Salvation Story" and the impact of the love and the cross and the freedom we have in that truth.  Not trying to get all spiritual but what is so unique about each family is that you will know when to make calls like this and create "teaching moments" as well as help them understand a little that life is not all about them and getting things.  There is just something about reverence and respect that I really want to instill in our home.  So with that said, we did not do eggs, baskets or even cookies ~ the bunny cakes were purchased at the store! Now before you get too worried that our kids had no fun, their weekend was still full of family, friends, fishing, and of course Easter baskets from grandpa and brother in law an Easter egg hunt with cousins and more candy than they could possibly eat!  

Our spring break also had lots of pancakes... my favorite right now are sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon brown sugar butter and candied pecans! HELLO! I threw in several pics from the weekend too! 

Smiling Green Mom  Here are some really fun DIY ideas for spring with your kiddos!  Mine love crafts. 

Spring Break ... Monday, April 2

We made it to spring break!  And this morning I was dreaming of being on this hammock relaxing to the sounds of the ocean and feeling the breeze in my hair, sipping on frozen margs and pina coladas, eating delicious fruits in hallowed out coconuts... and then suddenly I was jared back into reality when I heard "mom, mom, mom Anden won't let me play with his guys" "they are mine" "your mean" .... and as I am still coming too I look to my right and see Arlie sleeping because she was up a few times at night and Adie yelling with joy as she slept 10 hours and is now ready to play and be entertained and who could miss the heaping pile of laundry on my bed sleeping with us because I was too tired to fold it last night.  So welcome to reality right???

Even though our family of 7 will not be doing the tropical beach vacation this spring break, I am determined to enjoy my time with the kids and do other fun "staycation" things with them.  I love not rushing around in the morning and keeping our jammies on all day, making pancakes for lunch and a pallet on the floor to snuggle and watch movies.  These are times I truly enjoy my kids and yes it is crazy sometimes, but I love me some crazy, my crazy.

Here are a few things on the agenda...

Want to see this movie with the kids!

Nate will take the older 3 camping and fishing this next weekend

Lots of exploring outside at parks... this is one of my fav pics of the kids from a few years ago taken by Ashleigh Arneson

And of course lots of love and kisses with these little minis!

I will be taking a break from blogging this week and just enjoying the littles! What are your plans for spring break? Any fun craft ideas or activities?

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