Just Belt It! Monday, October 25

I was reminded this weekend how beautiful the "old" is, the land that has been here for millions of years and for some of us we think our wardrobes are millions of years old.... I have good news, old is in! I have a fun job for all the fashion challenged and fashionistas out there.  It is time to go through our closets and recreate our old pieces! Go through your racks and pick out any sweaters, button up tops, jackets or tops that you may not be wearing now but with just a simple additio creates a whole new attitude!

As I was styling a family today for their "fall photos" I realized how to one person a sweater is just a sweater but when we paired it with a leapord belt, it all the sudden became a fabulous sweater! She said "I would have never put those together... the sweater was a soft rose print with browns, taupes, and muted roses in pinky salmon with shades of coral, when we added the leapord belt around the mid waist... it popped and all the sudden the sweater came to life!

Pull out every belt you have and lay it out on your bed, pull out every jacket, and sweater and lay it on your bed.  Try on each jacket with different belts and  do the same with the sweaters, and all of the sudden you have new looks you didn't know you had.  You may have to purchase a skinny belt, and if so may I recommend a leapord print one... after today, I will be getting one too!


                                                      J Crew $39                                                                                  

With the money you'll save reinventing your "old"... get a coffee for now, but don't worry I will put that to good use soon!

Beautiful Lace Sunday, October 24

I am always inspired by expensive things and especially lace.  It is very difficult to find quality lace pieces for your wardrobe and of course J Crew pulls it off again.  If your like me you may not have $495 to throw down on 1 piece of clothing so I came up with a much less expensive alternative... H&M steals it.


The Piece Jardin Lace Vest... $495 J Crew

My Version.. little longer and more flowy top

Mole Trouser Pant

 Grey or Mole Color with this cool bracelet
Had to throw the booties in!

Let's go shopping...

Grey Lace Vest - H&M - $12.99

White Top H&M - $9.99

Grey Booties $29.99

Mole Trouser Pants $14.99

Bracelet H&M $5.99

My Feet Hurt! Wednesday, October 20

Ouch.... I have worn heals the past few days and am dying to slip my sore feet into a nice flat... but a stylish one of course!  It has been a long week....as usual.. and I am so glad that flat shoes are becoming more of a staple and they even make really cute ones these days. 

Here's how some Celebs wear their flats.


        Ebay - Bebe New $65                            J Crew $198

I think all of us as little girls loved pink ballet slippers.  Especially with some bling!

   JCrew               Delias

                        The black lace detail is very pretty on these, I would add a little broach or clip on to the lace shoe from Deilas for $29 to add a little something extra like the soft pink leather toe on the J Crew flat... but probably not worth $325 of "something extra."

Grey is such a good color. I like the little detailing shown here on each shoe.  A little goes a long way.


               I got some pretty blue flats at Charlotte Russe for $10 bucks this weekend and I love them.

Don't be afaid to go bold... pair this with dark skinny jeans, white T and this fab cobalt blue scarf from etsy.

Here is where you can get some of the shoes featured.  I also included Target.  There are some cute animal print round toe shoes for $12.00 also a new designer with Target put out a colored animal print shoe with jewels on them and those are very cute for $36.99. 

http://www.americaneagle.com/ $19.99
http://www.delias.com/ $39.50
http://www.ebay.com/ $65.00 Ballet flats
http://www.jcrew.com/ $198 and $325
http://www.target.com/ $26.99 blue $36.99

Broaches Monday, October 18

Something I have always wanted to do is make broaches... couldn't put a finger on what kind or what my vision would be until.... family photo day came upon us!  I had a muse to create, needed a theme, a color pallet and thus an idea for broaches!  You can wear them anywhere... on your sweater, in your hair, on your purse, on your belt.  I have become very inspired by my late Yia Yia's "style" and there will be lots more to come.  I am hoping to open up shop on Etsy so stay tuned!

Family shot with the broaches I am wearing

my daughter Ainsley wearing two of the broaches
You might be able to see more clearly the details I added to the broaches.  Black and white twill in center of lavendar flower, black roset with feathers in center of big purple flower.  Tiny purple gems accenting flowers tips, and purple feathers coming out the side. 

All Colors Of The Rainbow Sunday, October 17

This season not one color is off limits!  We are going back to the days of The Colors of Benetton, bright primarys are back! Lets start with tights!  I love the idea of adding some of these fun colors with tights.  I just bought some purple and leapord ones at http://www.express.com/ buy one get one 1/2 off.

 Muted Colors

I love this mustard yellow and black and white!                Yellow also looks great with purple

Fashion In Blue... Wednesday, October 13

I styled a couple shoots recently that made me "relove" the color blue, all shades and in every way. 

Love this color paired with the green or orange!

 I put together this fun outfit below and want it! :)

  I love the pattern tights.  The headband is fun and whimsical.

$60 Jacket at Macys
Blue Clutch
Blue Nails