Fav Styling Right Now Thursday, June 21

Swim Suit Styling Sunday, June 17

Sometimes finding the perfect swimsuit can be exhausting.  Trying on hundreds of styles and shapes.  A few of this years trends are one piece retro, high waisted, ruffles and of course stripes! You can snag these beauties from Mod Cloth

Luckily for us there are so many places to shop for swimsuits, no longer are we stuck to department stores or specialty stores.  Anything from Old Navy  to Target , TJ Maxx, VIctoria Secret   and one of my favs J crew.  J Crew has decided to make it a little easier to find that perfect suit, by letting you order with free shipping and returns from now through August!

Go online and order as many pieces as you want, try on, keep what you like, return what you don't and there you go!  All the labels are included, you just stick it on the same box. Couldn't be easier. So of course I did just that.

I tried on several options and sizes and surprisingly did not find anything that outshined this beauty from TJ Maxx for $29.00

I was drawn to the stone color first, but then the material and the shape ended up making it the winner!  So now what, I have a cute suite, but I will certainly need accessories. I knew a sun hat was the top on the list because, well I have to keep this marshmallow skin marshmallowy! My eye went directly to this adorable hat from the new lux Webster line at Target

Flower Heirbloom - $30 
Bracelet J Crew - $29
Swim Suit - T J Maxx - $29 
Sun Hat - Target - $19 
Sun Glasses - H&M

Front Door Styling Monday, June 11

What does your front door say about you?  Do you have a summer wreath with flowers or a beautifully painted colored door, or is it plain with lots of potted plants?  I have styled my front porch this way and have been looking for something to add to my plain tan door.  I found some great inspiration on Pinterest and decided on a Moss letter.  I love a little DIY project, so off to the craft store.  Michaels is having a 50% off craft sale right now.  Michaels Craft Coupons

Here is what you will need:

A wooden letter (I prefer wood over foam because of the hot glue)
Medium bag of green moss
Hot glue gun

Start with your letter on a bag, for easy clean up.  Then begin placing moss down to get a visual of how the pieces will fit. Then start gluing down in small sections and spreading with your fingers.  This will give you an even look.

Next, pick a ribbon that suits your style and hot cut a long enough piece to tie a bow.

And there you have it!  A very pretty moss letter! I used a clear hanger for my door.

The Little Black Dress Project Monday, June 4

As most of you know I have five littles and most recently twin girls Adie and Arlie who are almost 8 months old! The above picture is of me on my honeymoon, over 13 years ago now.  I was 20 and in prime shape! It was a slight adjustment having 3 children in 4 years starting at 23. Most of my life I have been an athlete (well my hubby would say dance, gymnastics and cheerleading don't count), but I would have to disagree!  I also did track and lots of Jane Fonda work out tapes with my mom growing up!  I love being in shape!  As a young girl I struggled with insecurity and becoming comfortable with my body.  It is so easy to compare ourselves to others and until I really got educated on the many different body shapes women have, I just felt bulky and muscular.  It is so helpful to know what your God given body shape is so you can learn the tricks to dressing smart and which areas will make the most impact with your workouts.

April Marin  wrote up a really great style guide by body shape

Round Body types have generous bust, wider rib cage, narrow hips, and slender legs.  This body type should wear tops that are v neck, and avoid tops that are fitted
Invented Triangle body shapes have broad shoulders, medium bust, narrow hips, and shapely long legs.  Pants that have flare are best for this figure. 
Hourglass body has a bust, defined waist, curved hips, and shapely legs.  A great trend is to wear wraps that accentuate your waist.  
Pear shape bodies have narrow shoulders, small bust, as well as a shapely waist and generous lower hips.  Pants that are the best are flowing fabrics that accentuate your hips and tailored shirts
Diamond shape body is when you have narrow shoulders, a small bust, and generous thighs.  What you should avoid is any pants that have detail on the bottom.  What looks great on this figure are tops that are fitted but a little flare to go over your hips.
Straight body types is when you upper and lower torso is equal.  Shirts that have a neckline below your collarbone to elongate your torso and straight skirts.  Avoid belts or pleats since they will accentuate your hips and make them look thick.

And so here I am a few days before delivering the twins... 

And here is where the Fit Mom's For Life Little Black Dress Project comes in.  I have just stopped nursing the babes and was looking for a "plan" to get into tip top shape for summer.  Dustin Maher, who has been featured just about everywhere developed this program along with Ripped In 42 to get you in the best shape of your life... in 42 days!  And whats even better is at the end of the 42 days we get to have a party and show off our incredible results! So for me and my good friend Theresa we are a week into this plan and loving it... but not loving it!  I have my little black dress picture on my fridge as motivation for me through these 7 day a week work outs and protein/produce diet! 

At the end of the plan I will post my new Little Black Dress body as a 33 year old mother of 5 in her prime!  

UPDATE... Here is my picture right before having the twins and my "After" the Ripped in 42 Program.  I am not back to my honeymoon weight but on my way.  It feels fantastic to be in shape and have tons of energy to chase my babes around! You can see my "story" on Fit Mom's For Life 



New Design For Clementine Friday, June 1

You know how when something really cool happens to you but you don't figure it out until after the fact?  Well... that happened to me and I am thrilled! In April Heirbloom launched a retail line at Village Green in Rockford, IL.  I was there that weekend for a little "meet the artist" at their Garden Party Event and met a very pleasant, and might I add beautiful girl Loren Carpenter.  She was there with her family and happened to stop by my table...

We chit chatted a bit, she was nice enough to compliant my designs and we traded business cards.  A few weeks later, I got an email from Loren about a piece of jewelry she had from a broken bracelet.  She asked if I could design into something pretty.  Repurpose if you will... to incorporate into her current style and wardrobe. Of course I said YES... and it arrived 

Super excited to get to work, I asked Loren a few questions about her style and she said J Crew as one of her likes and so I first designed the flower from a vintage black lace shawl and then gave Loren 3 design options to choose from with different feathers, fabrics and placements.  This was her pick...

I shipped it off on Tuesday and as we have been emailing back and forth, I finally had a chance to click on her website... and to my excitement, she is the Sr. Event Consultant for Clementine Custom Events out of Chicago.  

What We Do

 Wedding Services (our specialty)...

Full Custom Wedding & Event Planning

Clementine specializes in turning your wedding into a one-of-a-kind event. Starting with a customized proposal that reflects your style, we strive to offer you creative ideas and services that will make your event a success. Services can range from a one-time bootcamp session to help you get started, to a full-service custom package managing every little detail.

'Day of event' Coordination

Working with Clementine as your personal wedding coordinator will help you to relax and enjoy your event. We'll handle all of your "day of" event details, regardless of which package you choose and act as the communicator for all your vendors during the event.  You won't have to answer any questions all night long.

Vendor Selection & Budget Management

Clementine has fantastic relationships with Chicago's premier vendors. We'll introduce you to only the best companies, putting all the right pieces into place. Not only can we help you save money, but we are also very experienced with all aspects of event planning and production.  Our expertise can help prioritize your options and maximize your budget.

Bridal Consulting & Idea Generation

With over 9 years of event and wedding planning experience, Clementine is ready to help you create your perfect day. Every client is different, and Clementine works hard to ensure that your event is exactly how you've always envisioned it. Clementine stays on top of the trends so you can be sure that we are prepared to recommend "what's hot" and steer you away from "what's not".

Check out their blog with lots of tips and style ideas Clementine Chicago

Here are some pictures from their gallery look book ... I just couldn't resist