The Windy City Sunday, July 22


I have had a busy couple weeks and part of that was enjoying a weekend in Chicago celebrating my beautiful mother for her 60th birthday!  We called it "60 In The City." It was the first time I have left all 5 littles with daddy and first time leaving the twins overnight in 9 months! So I had a little apprehension, but also truly NEEDED some fun girl time with my sisters!

We started our ventures at Trump Tower, which was truly fabulous!  Right in the heart of the city and near all the shopping of course. We ate dinner at the The Purple Pig and toasted with some delicious red wine and lots of yummy tapas. Day 2 we slept in until 8am... and for us moms that is sleeping in. We enjoyed a delicious meal in the room and hit the city.

We got all dressed up as girls love to do and went to a fab latin inspired restaurant Carnivale, check out the decor, huge fixtures and mirrors. Bright, punchy colors, polka dots and mosaic colorful glass.

We realized quickly how old we are all getting when after a few drinks at dinner we were ready for bed. So we headed back and got all snuggled up in our jammies, thinking we would watch a movie... well 5 minutes later we were all out.

The celebration continued with a wonderful morning at the spa and then off to one of the most brilliant ideas yet. Blowtique. Literally a salon that only blows out your hair and making you look gorge for your night on the town! You get your hair shampooed and scalp massaged, then you choose which hair style you are going for and the blow dryer, hair stylist, and some really cool brushes work their magic

After slipping into our dresses we were off to the Pumproom which is known for celebrity sightings!  We had some tuna tar tar, ginger mojitos and sea bass and kale. No celebrities, just a guy named Stu and his dad! And now for the best part of the weekend The Rock of Ages.  I mean if you like the 80's at all, it's a must see. We sang every song and laughed hysterically as the witty narrator took us on an epic adventure filled with fantastic dancing, singing, and of course a love story.  


If all that wasn't enough we ended up at The Chocolate Bar at The Peninsula.  Just a note, come hungry and be prepared to engorge yourself in every kind of chocolate possible. 

We ended the weekend with a quick trip to Starbucks and I had to take a shot of this adorable girl wearing this ridiculous ensemble. I just love it!  The white with the stripes with the rolled pant with a leopard shoe and a coral purse, seriously!  Not to mention she was just beautiful! Love Chicago style! 

Flower Headbands + Giveaway Monday, July 2

I have to say accessories just make everything prettier and especially flowers! Flower pieces are certainly an up and coming trend. Just about every line has some kind of flower pieces, either, belts, necklaces, pins, headbands etc.
*images pinterest and crew

Even the elite in fashion like Dolce and Gabbana  have designed beautiful headbands with crystal, bronzed flowers, and adorned with jewels. 

I found myself drawn to this beauty worn by Kirsten Dunst and decided I would design my own piece for Heirbloom.  And even better it could be yours... I am doing a giveaway this week for Heirbloom

This headband has 24 carrot gold lace, vintage cintron jewels, paper flowers, tool, and a beautiful vintage piece from the Heirbloom collection. Here is how you can win and make sure to comment and tell me what you did:

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* You will get an entry for each one you do
** winner will be announced next Wed the 11th