A Tree House Christmas Monday, December 27

How was your Christmas?  We had such a wonderful time with family and Santa of course!  Something we like to teach our children is... as fun as having Santa bring us loads of presents that is not all Christmas is about.  This year we chose a little girl from Angel Tree who was not going to get any presents from her parents, as they are in jail.  I explained to my kids how blessed they are to have parents one but also to have a family experience the fun of Christmas with.  Giving is a wonderful way to bring Joy to your life.  Just try it and I promise you will feel great about what you did for someone else.

This is Where we spent Christmas Day...

The deer outside are so cute

Mom's Centerpiece with an Owl of course

Looks so innocent... 5 cookies later

This is in my mom's master.  She took twine and huge pinecones and used them to accent the window treatment... notice the huge owl, cage in all!

happy Christmas eve hair piece Friday, December 24

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Wrap it up... Thursday, December 23

Good morning to all... this is what I wake up to out my back sliding glass door! I love the pretty red barn especially with snow on it.  I have decided over the holidays to just take you with me and show pictures of what we are doing for the holidays.  Fashion, decor, food etc.  And then after the new year I will get right back into the new looks for spring and great tips for hair and make up!

This was the HeriBloom winner's gift from my friend Trina's http://lalalovelythings.blogspot.com/
I think presentation is everything, so even if the gift is small if it is packaged pretty, it is received much better!

Here are some ideas for pretty wrapping in every style.  I will take some pictures of what I end up doing too!

My First Droid Upload! Tuesday, December 21

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Now I will be able to send pics all the time of fashionable things and or whatever!  Here is a cute centerpiece I made for my kids table!

Theme Parties

So for many of you... there are lots of parties to attend and sometimes finding the right dress can be very overwhelming!  Theme parties are picking up a trend and with that comes aquiring the perfect dress to fit!

From pink, white, grey, blue, green anything works for a holiday theme!

These beauties are all at http://www.macys.com/ and 50% off!

These 2 sparkly gems are in my favorite colors of the season, silver and gold! You can't go wrong with a little glitz!  Both dresses are 30% off today only at http://www.express.com/

Which look will be yours?

Snow Boots Monday, December 20

This winter I have decided I might need to break down and get a real pair of snow boots.  Now up until this point I would rough it through the winter hoofing it around in my walmart sweater boots which would really not protect my feet at all from the cold as the freezing wet snow would melt and in the cracks of the sweater material and my toes would turn to popsicles!  I ended up buying some really cute wellies in NY that I have been wearing, but now I am thinking I may need those and a pair of "real" snow boots!

which ones do you like?

Here is how some celebs wear there snow boots...

Happy Christmas Cheer Friday, December 17

As I have been checking out all of the wonderful Christmas decorations, I stumbled across a blog "Open Ended".  http://www.cindyrand.com/ - She was so creative with her Christmas tree and actually put it in an URN!  How crafty.  Here is her post below... happy Christmas Cheer!

Posted: 12 Dec 2010 09:11 AM PST
I Did It!!

 I actually put my tree in an urn!

I just wanted to wish everyone.....
Happy Holidays!