Good Friday Friday, March 29

It's Friday... not just any happy  Friday but Good Friday. Are you familiar? Some believe it was originally called God's Friday. In Germany Christians call it "Quiet Friday." In Europe it is "Holy Friday" or "Great Friday." A day recalled in Luke 23 when Jesus called out to God and said "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit." The ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sins of all the people. A day of mourning and sorrow and a day of gratitude and reverence for the incomprehensible act of love.  

It would seem dismissive to not stop and give thought to this day.  Some choose to hold services sitting in total darkness, left only with the silence of their mind. Reflecting on life, the choices we have made, if we have peace with ourselves and the Lord. A sense of reverence this world doesn't allow for much these days. Giving a holy respect to the reality of our sin, sin enough to merit a life, a life given freely for us that we may have an eternity of peace with our Lord.  

So what does Good Friday mean to your family? Do you have any traditions you enjoy on this day and leading up to Easter?  I think there is something very important about tradition and teaching your children the purpose of respect and reverence. You have to be more intentional if your faith does not lead you to specific ritual or routine. I know I have struggled here. I can appreciate and learn from other types of faith that truly live in continued prayer and sentiment. It is easy to look at my relationship with Christ as a relationship, which it is, but sometimes without the holy respect and reverence I think is just as important as my personal relationship. 

My daughter received a little prayer box yesterday from her auntie and I simply love it. Such a wonderful way to help teach your children that when things get tough or worries fill their minds, you can simply write down your prayers and leave them to God to carry. It has small little notes inside and a little pencil. Sometimes it is hard to teach prayer or what that means and how God hears us, the prayer box is a wonderful beginning. Francescas is where we got this little gem, I don't see any on their website but I'm sure you can call and order it. 


Color Pop Shoes Thursday, March 28

The Wedge

The Wedge by ahndeamay featuring yellow wedges

The sun is shining today even though it's still only 30 degrees, I will take it! I am head over heels for all of the amazing wedges and pop color heels this Spring. I love how you can now go so minimal on top and still make a statement on the bottom. A basic neutral top with jeans and one of these shoes and your instantly pulled together. I am thinking up all of the ways I can wear those killer purple cut outs! A sun dress, cut off shorts and tank, boyfriend jeans and a t. Shoes are the simply an amazing accessory! What shoes do you have your eye on this Spring? 

Black and White Crush Thursday, March 21

Black and White Crush
One of this seasons hottest trends is Black and White! Of course you know I have already been obsessed as I have black and white stripped shoes, a jacket, and this HeirBloom flower.  Mixing stripes and polka dots is another fantastic way to show off your unique style and play with different patterns.  You can honestly mix black and white with any color of the rainbow and it works. Today's feature is from my Spring collection and will be $5 off with coupon code spring5 

The promotion will run through Sunday so make sure to get your order in before they sell out. I only have a limited number available. Happy shopping! 

Lot78 printed shirt / Ralph Lauren blazer / Warehouse mid-rise jeans, $64 / Truth or Dare peep toe ankle strap heels / Zara leather pumps / MICHAEL Michael Kors gold bracelet watch / Aurélie Bidermann heart jewelry / NARS Cosmetics

Slow And Steady Wins The Race Tuesday, March 19

My mind has been reeling with so many emotions after the long awaited launch of my shop HeirBloom this past Friday.  The support and love has been amazing. I feel very blessed and yet I also feel an overwhelming sense of urgency. Funny thing... once you press live and say ta-dah it doesn't mean you sit back and wait for the magic to happen. No quiet the opposite even though the past 3 years have been a lot of hard work it is also the beginning of a new phase. Marketing, advertising, networking, relationship building, seo planning, blog tour implementing... the next steps to growing a successful business. As I am processing how to find the right balance I am faced with a question. How much of my success is by me forging the way and making it happen vs consistency, steadiness, and patience? Hard work is my middle name, and I am not afraid to barrel my way through, but there is something to say about organic opportunity and a state of content. This could really apply to any circumstance you are facing.  This morning, I am reminded of one of my favorite scriptures 

Philippians 4:11

 "I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am in" 

Interesting that Paul was saying he had "learned" that in whatever state, to be content. A contented mind.   Most of us are naturally impatient and need to train ourselves to remain in a state of peaceful happiness. Paul had been put in situations fitted to produce this, a life of trials, invaluable lessons. He had learned to bear them, without great uneasiness. 

So today I offer a story book lesson I learned as a child. A life lesson in fact. The story of the tortoise and the hair? Slow and steady wins the race.  A lesson of humility.  A wonderful teaching point for me and my kids. We don't always win, we don't always work hard and see results immediately. In fact sometimes even though we are really good at something and maybe even the best, there may be a point to be made or a skill to be learned or a mindset to understand. Character is refined and takes time to produce and even takes pain, hurt and trial, to truly grasp. How are you learning to be content? How have you trained yourself to keep a peaceful happiness in whatever state? 

HeirBloom Shop Launch Friday, March 15

Today is the day! March 15th... HeirBlooms shop and site launch! I am keeping in simple and just going to say how beyond excited I am and thankful for the support and love from my friends and family.  Dreams like this don't happen without people and God! I am exhilarated and exhausted and absolutely in LOVE with how everything looks. Here are just a few of the shops you will find my new store! Shop now and enjoy free shipping all weekend with code LAUNCH. 

Hand Crafted Jewels 

The Mini Shop 

Belts & Hats


The Mr. Shop 

Featured Estate Jewels 

The Bow Tie Shop 
Shop The Look... is where you will find smartly styled outfits with handcrafted custom accessories to match. You will find regular sales depending on inventory theme. I am heading to Chicago's Style Max in April and will hopefully be coming back with some unique finds. Repurposing the norm and making it "one of a kind" is my bag! The first sales are "Shop My Babies Closet" 

Shop the look - Baby Girl 

Shop the look - Baby Boy 

Spring Baby Trends Monday, March 4

Spring Baby
Spring is coming and I am so happy about it!  Living near the windy city, means cold, snow, more cold, more snow and for months and months!  I am ready to walk outside, get out of the house, not have to put socks, shoes and hats on the twins just to have them thrown off in the car within 5 minutes! So if you can't tell I am ready for SPRING. This season also means, cleaning organizing, donating clothes, buying more clothes and so on. If you follow me, you know my HeirBloom site is launching very soon and I have been pretty focused on getting all of the details wrapped up.  One of the new things on my site will be "Shop The Look."  Smartly pre-styled outfits, both new and repurposed, with coordinating HeirBloom accessory. 

The looks above are an example of outfits you will see in my shop.  This collection can be worn at least 10 different ways, which is what you want to look for. Items within the same color pallet with stripes, texture, something unexpected and a knit.  This will help you keep things really versatile! 

Spring Baby by ahndeamay featuring h&m