J Crew Sweater + Boyfriend Jeans Tuesday, February 26

J Crew Sweater + Boyfriend Jeans

I am loving this look for spring! Mixing a fun color with pattern, unexpected jewels and an amazing pair of neutral shoes. I am on the hunt for some boyfriend jeans that fit right.  I know I will wear them like a uniform but have made the mistake so many times of buying jeans that look good but may not be the most comfortable. Finding a "go to" jean is not as simple as it sounds. For me it requires trying on and trying on, more trying on and seriously this could take hours or even multiple trips. As a busy mom, I don't have that kind of time, so I have had the most success going to places like Nordstrom Rack which houses hundreds of styles, designers, washes and fits all under one roof and on sale.  The truth with denim is you get what you pay for. I love a deal and am known for piecing outfits together on a dime, but knowing when to invest can really end up saving money in the end. Here are a few options:

Boyfriend Jeans

Oscar Style Picks 2013 Monday, February 25

Oscar Style Picks 2013

I have to say, this year I enjoyed watching the Oscars in my cozy bed with a bowl of mint chip ice cream. No party, no tweeting my fav's throughout, no instagram photos, just me in my bed with my ice cream.  I was in awe of the beautiful gowns this year, the minimalistic choices but full of detail and glamour. The designers were on to something with the lovely shades of grey, metallics, white and creams. My favorite looks all had consistency in their overall styling. Neutral makeup, subtle and perfect, soft hair, either pulled back or away from the face, and the overall winner this year was the neckline. Such stunning bare necks! The most beautiful part of a woman's body in my opinion.  The key to genius styling was allowing the gown and the face to be the focal. Not over jeweled or over done, but a gorgeous gown with a gorgeous woman and the rest is simply to enhance. 

Overall one of the best runway shows yet!  

Spring Photo Shoot Rewind Thursday, February 21

Rockin Accessories
If your following me you know HeirBloom had a photo shoot this weekend that went so much better than I cold have even dreamed up.  When your an artist or designer and make things, you see it in your head and create, but to actually see the end result styled on a live person with lights and make-up and get the visual of how your product would be worn in the real world is exhilarating. I have been so privileged to have some amazing friends and talents which you can read more about here and am beyond excited about lunching the HeirBloom shop! Finally... you can see and purchase my one of a kind designs to bring some fun, unique style to your wardrobe! The photo shoot was this past sunday with Jeff Anderson Photography - Make-up by Krisin Ronan - models Paula Swezey and Chelsea Raymer - wardrobe and hair styling - ahndeamaystylist

I thought it would be fun to show some behind the scenes instagram pics 

The New Brand + What's Next Monday, February 18

Welcome to the Style Story+HeirBloom Re Brand. After 3 years of learning, struggling, writing, learning some more, creating, branding, social media managing, praying and more praying... I finally feel settled. You know that disheveled place your in after you've just moved into a new house and boxes are everywhere, your unpacking, decorating and living in the "in-between" until one day you look around and think "ugh, I like it here."  That is exactly where I find myself today, thankful and settled and so excited to have everything coming together and ready to launch in March! I am a huge believer that you are only as good as the team around you.  Being single focused may get you where you want to be but the reward is not as great, when you don't have anyone to share it with. The people God has allowed me to cross paths with, their generosity and support have made me better, and sometimes even know me better than I do, like my friend Lindsay.  Three years ago she sent me an email with the first sketch of HeirBloom's logo and tears welled up and it happened again when she uniquely weaved all of my favorite things into my brand including my families Greek heritage. I mean seriously!  

My journey has not been easy, as I have certainly wrestled as a mom with wanting a creative outlet or hobby vs actually going for it, running a business and doing what it takes to make that happen. God has always placed the right people in my life at the right time. Starting with my best friend Nate, who I met at a youth group 18 years ago. We have been married for 14 of those years navigating our path, having lots of fun, tons of laughs... and kids (5 to be exact). He is my biggest fan and supporter.  Finding the perfect  right time to get a job, not get a job, stay at home full time, maybe part time, be the room mom, the soccer mom, community volunteer etc. is never spelled out for us. I have yet to find the formula with a specific plan of what to do and when after having kids. I think that is intentional, experiencing trial and error can be the best natural character and faith builder. Being a mom is the most beautiful opportunity, and also the most selfless. It's no joke when I say we have real bills and real expenses and lots variables and emotions and making all of it work when there are so many different paths you can take is frankly... exhausting. 

I realized early in life, you can't do everything on your own and don't be afraid to ask. I lean on my mom, sisters and friends for support and wisdom and am thankful for their love.  True, authentic friendship means you are known.  Accepted, flaws and all. People that actually believe the best in you and want you to succeed. I have a handful of these amazing women in my life and one day, when I am accessorizing a designer at NYFW they will all be with me front and center! 

Up to this point I have been the author of "Style Story Blog" helping women find their unique sense of style, reflecting the best version of themselves which in turn will allow them confidence that will carry over to every area of their lives. My goal is to encourage balance as mothers, in whatever path you have chosen for your family. Being healthy, mind+body+soul so that your relationships are healthy and you are able to give your best to those you love. I hope you have enjoyed being a part of the "story" as I will continue blogging here on "Style Story." A home for tips and style advice for your entire family as well as money saving DIY tutorials, meal planning lists and "real life talk," a new series about some of the not so pretty and somewhat uncomfortable topics few are weighing in on.  I will continue partnering with some amazing companies and people with reviews and giveaways as well as contribute as a health educator to Fit Moms and stylist for Little Style File.  
Photo Credit: Jeff Anderson 
Make up: Kristin Ronan
Hair & Wardrobe: Ahndea May + HeirBloom 
Model: Chelsea Raymer 
HeirBloom... will soon be it's own website! Heirblooms.com. We had the "shoot" this weekend with all the new inventory and cannot wait to show you. My friend and amazing photographer Jeff Anderson  was behind the camera working his mad skillz. So here's the scoop... the current ahndeamay has been shutdown and will become the new site in March which will include my portfolio, HeirBloom's look book, a blog specific to HeirBloom and most importantly the SHOP! You will be able to see my current inventory, shop the collections  and submit any estate sale finds you may want to sell me. HeirBloom is focused on repurposed designs, one of kind, hand crafted accessories and couture Bridal designs. Heirlooms redefined.

Thank you so much for your support and love over the years! 

Quick & Pretty $2 Valentines Gifts Wednesday, February 13

Valentines Day is tomorrow and thankfully for me I have mastered a way to "appear" really cool by having friends that are super talented. I'm sure you have already seen my pal Lindsay Letters new shop, but if you haven't... here are some oh so lovely pictures of her oh so lovely "love" prints and stamps. 

Just recently Lindsay teamed up with another very brilliant food artist over at The Lovely Cupboard which gave me the idea to use their talents as gifts for my kids teachers. Heather made these beautiful mini raspberry lemon cakes with white chocolate frosting and lindsay provided a glorious recipe card which was a FREE download btw! 

I simply printed the recipe card on pretty card stock paper, cut them out, hole punched for ribbon and tied it around some yummy organic raspberry jam with a pretty bow. Here is what you will need.

7 Keys To Living Healthy Tuesday, February 12

Nate and I have been really blessed to meet some amazing people over the years.  Some of which have truly given us some keys to a better, healthier life. After having kids, I realized how important the food we eat is, what it's made of, what it does in our bodies and why. Jordan Rubin came into our life unexpectedly and through his story, research and many books he has written, we have learned so much about living a "whole health" kind of lifestyle. He and his beautiful wife Nicki took on the challenge of spreading the Raw Truth to the world and have dedicated their lives to educating and improving the world's view of health with purpose and passion. 

Some of my favorite Truth's are Jordan's Seven Keys To Greater Health 

Key 1 - Eat A Healthy Diet

If you are not sure what healthy means you can get a jump start here. Fact: The average American gets 55% of their diet and calories from non food chemicals! EWW! The nutrients get stripped when foods are processed. In order to eat truly healthy, we need to be educated, know where are food is coming from and what is in it. Mainly, be aware, read labels, eat clean, fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains and natural fats and sugars. 

Key 2 - Supplements 

Supplement your diet with whole food nutrients. Health is complex and as much as we try to eat exactly what our bodies need, it is almost impossible.  Using whole food vitamins and mineral supplements will increase your bodies functionality and overall health. I use a probiotic and DHA for my kids and love it... this will help with their digestive system and is an immunity builder. I get our families supplements over at Garden Of Life 

Key 3 - Practice Advanced Hygiene

For thousands of years the Israelites were able to prevent some of the most dreaded diseases of their day. They lived longer and healthier than other cultures of their time through something as simple as hygiene.  Every day we are exposed to a countless number of germs and would you believe 95% of them are hidden under our fingernails! Keep your nails short, wash your hands and face regularly and take it a step further by using clenzology

Key 4 - Exercise 

Jordan talks about functional fitness as apart of our every day life and activities. Being active is as simple as stretching, 5 to 10 minutes of functional fitness every day will increase your energy and mood.

Key 5 - Reduce The Toxins In Your Environment

What we drink, breath and put on our skin is just as important as what we are eating. Simple things, like changing out the filters in your home to allergen filters, increasing air quality or drinking natural spring water vs tap or purified. Companies like Jessica Alba's honest have many products to use around your home and for your children. Ladies, skin care is a huge factor because it is a daily use, try feeding your skin food from Acure Organics.

Key 6 - Avoid Deadly Emotions 

We can do all the right things to be healthy, but still be UN healthy because of the many negative emotions we let in. Getting angry and bitter actually shuts down your immune system for up to 6 hours! Negative emotions release acidic poisons into the body, and number 1 on the list is unforgiveness. Jordan says "It's like wearing a 100 pound weight around your middle."  Make a list of anyone you have unforgiveness with, write letters and get your emotions out. Release, Relax and Let Go! 

Key 7 - A Life of Purpose 

Surprisingly this is the most important key to your success. It involves waking up every morning with a purpose. Making a difference, feeling like you matter. Find your passion and talents. Be significant in someones life! 

Spring Floral Tuesday, February 5


Floral by ahndeamay
I am absolutely loving all of the beautiful floral prints I am seeing this spring. All the major designers have created floral patterns and prints that can be combined together.  Yes... mixing multiple prints and patterns is all the rage, so challenge yourself a bit, if you you unsure about something it is probably fantastic! I can't wait to style polkadots and stripes with a floral. Swooning over that Louis Vuitton denim patchwork bag which is nothing short of fabulous, I added an HeirBloom for a feminine touch. This month I will be drowning in a sea of flowers as I am designing my spring line, it brings a sense of solace and peace to me and can't wait to get the look-book together.