Winter White Sunday, November 28

I officially love the idea of winter white... mixed with golds and bronze and cream as accent! Just stunning, and with any hair color too!

A winter white coat or even the white ruffle shirt with grey shorts... so cute!  I am finding shorts to be a very comfortable alternative to jeans, I will post more on that one later.

Look at this beuatiful whimsical line at

The Black Friday Buzz Friday, November 26

I am one of those crazy shoppers that actually gets a "buzz" off the insane rush of flying from store to store, mapping out my strategy and standing in line for an hour with my 50% off coupon clentched in hand! Is that you?  I am happy to say I have completed my entire Christmas list in less than 24 hours!  It feels great and now I get to enjoy the fun of counting down the days till snow and santa's arrival! 

If you havent yet mapped out your shopping strategy, may I make a few suggestions.  Based on my research K-Mart had the best deals on toys, by about $5 bucks and then Walmart in second with Sears, Target and Toys R Us in a close 3rd.  I loved that the stores opened last night, which made my shopping much easier.

One of the other things I do during Christmas shopping is shop for myself!  These are some of the best deals of the season and I am not missing out on taking full advantage...who could blame a girl!

I joined in on the and was at Nordstrom Rack waiting for the doors to open at 7:00am... to my pure excitement these UGG Boots from were the 1 and only pair in my size and a rush came over me knowing I would be getting them for $50!!!!! Thank you groupon!

This adorable Tule Skirt is from and was $15 in tons of great colors... got a couple for my girls during their 50% off enitre store sale this am... did you catch any sales?

I got these adorable "bobbies" from for $15

Of course I got these and so much more but wanted to give you a little sampling of my goodies

Oh Nordstrom Sunday, November 21

Oh Nordstrom, why must you be so a land full of all the most beautiful and fabulous things! Here are a few.....

These are all at

Check out this link for a major coupon... it only last for 1 more day, buy $25 dollars to Nordstrom Rack on Groupon and receive $25 free so a total gift card of $50.

I also wanted you to see this fab picture my friend sent me, I love love love the red jacket with pink lips for Holiday!

Thanksgiving Wednesday, November 17


Thanksgiving started early in our home and I had so much fun putting together the table scape.  Looking through boxes in the basement, trying to find the perfect little details to make it unique and just pretty! I used blue and white pumpkins this year and loved them.

I used small pumpkins, wicker pumpkins, bronze and white mini glass pumpkins, blue and white pumpkins... a whole lot of pumpkins!

I love this picture

                                                      Menu by:

Of course there was a 23 pound turkey

Name Cards by

Covered In Flowers! Monday, November 15

I have had so much fun working on my Holiday Line for HeirBloom! Looking through old jewels and finding the perfect piece to add to each broche or headband. 

Working on Headbands

Stay tuned... I have some awesome pictures of my Thanksgiving tablescape coming soon and sneak peak picures of the Holiday Line, the theme is "coats" pieces you can add to your fun coats.

When Brilliance Collides Thursday, November 11

One of my most favorite people in my life is Lindsay Sherbondy  She is an artist, a brilliant designer, adorably quirky and beyond talented.  She has been a huge part in my launch of HeirBloom and I wanted to thank her for this amazing picture photographed by another brilliant artist Laura Kathryn

Here are a few of Lindsay's genius...

Fashion Icons

As I search for inspiration on my creative ventures, I can't help but aknowledge some of the true Fashion Icons those who have set the bar and given us freedom in what we can "pull off".  Fashion is truly an art an amazing gift to reflect your inner self, your personality, and to design.  I feel like an artist painting a canvas through style. Putting the perfect outfit together down to every little detail.

Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Isabella Blow... these are some or our originators!

Now to my favorite Fashion Icon.. Sarah Jessica Parker

All time classic movie "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

So unique... the perfect ability to allow her style to show her soul

Of couse I have to admire the wild hair pieces and confidence wearing them!

I wonder if I can make a flower that big?

Who is your Fashion Icon? 

Introducing.... of a kind.uniquely you Wednesday, November 10


My etsy store is up.. not ready yet but it exists, and that's the first step. 

It is alot of work to get a business going, but I love it.  I am fully alive creating unique and beautiful designs, conversation pieces really.  There is something so amazing about mixing the style and presence of an older era with the current trends of our day. 

This beauty has a vintage blue colored jem in the middle and teal feathers! who doesn't love teal feathers?

On my etsy shop you will be able to choose a broche' (french for broach) I have created or another great idea, is to look through your old jewels. Do you have a cool piece or maybe 1 earring that doesnt have it's match or an old broach pin just sitting in a box? Ship it to me and I will design your "HeirBloom"

Christmas Shopping Monday, November 8

For some of you... your shopping is done, wrapped and under the Christmas Tree! For me... it has just begun.  There is something about being against the clock and having a deadline that gives me a rush... so here we go, off and running with 46 days to go!  In my venture as I am finding deals, I will pass them on to you!

Didj Hand Held Game System normall $89 - $29 today only

Today only until midnight, Leapster is offering a special Cyber Deal on tons of toys and electronic games.  I got my son the Didj, carrying case, fun covers for the handheld face and 2 games for $49 bucks!  I was considering getting him a DS this year but after spending $200 on one last year for my daughter I thought this would be a good comprable version for much less.  Leapster made a slimmer, sleeker version of the regular Leapster and this one is for ages 6 and up.  There is also 25% off storewide on this special offer, so you can get games for the leapsters, Tag books, Tag Jr, and tons more. I got free shipping too.

Check out Macy's Free Shipping Sale and Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas:

Great Gift Idea From $75 Guess Watch

Velvety Delcious.... Sunday, November 7

This is my pick... and suprise, it's from I was shocked too!  To spice it up, I would add this awesome necklace, I am going to try and make it, how's that for a challenge!

I love the feel of velvet or velour. And this season I can't take my eyes off of the richness it brings when you add a velvet blazer in any color you can think of.....

Jessica is just HOT!  She looks amazing in this velvet blazer!

Check out these Velvet Blazers, which one fits your style? - Go bold and bright... it's a focal piece - Ruby Velevet Jacket - Comes in several colors

 Love the idea of a rich deep purple and a crisp white top with ruffles... Stunning!

My Version Friday, November 5

Create Your Own Version of This Holiday Look

I decided to give you an example of "recreating" a look and making it fit you.  One of my favorites from the holiday look book was this picture from Loft.

This is what I came up with...

Scarf from, necklace and vest from  -, long sleeve and broach by me, which will be available on Etsy soon.

Obsessed with this Jacket

I am into Navy this season for sure

Happy shopping for you and for me!