Family Reunion Styling Thursday, August 29

Family Reunion Styling

Family Reunion Styling by ahndeamay featuring Hollister Co.

We are coming into family photo season and recently I have been asked more about how to style family reunions? You know the huge gathering of family who gets together once every year or few years. Photography is always important to capture the memories made and it is pretty hard to coordinate 20+ people from different families etc. I will be doing a week on family styling very soon... but for now, I wanted to show you a recent style board for inspiration and link you over to my Family Style board. I will be adding lots of new inspiration plus offering a special on digital style boards for the month of September! I customize a visual  board specific to your family based on, colors, trend, and overall feel or message you are wanted captured. But more on that later. 

Kids Halloween Costumes - Wishcraft Monday, August 26

With back to school begins the countdown to Halloween! The one day it's ok to dress up in costume and collect as much candy as possible! In our home, we are not celebrating halloween we are celebrating Fall... the beginning to our favorite season, with colored leaves, crisp air and cinder doughnuts. When I was in school, we had parades, costume contests and candy eating...  these days... it's a bit more scaled back with fall festivals and fun apple bobbing contests.

All moms know the costume... is most important! Some of our kids, start talking about what they will be for next year, this year. Sewers make their own costumes, and non sewers like me wait till the night before and spend way more than I care to admit, just to see those smiling faces! Well this time, I've learned a few things and gotten a bit more savvy about costume shopping.

As with everything else, shopping online has become such an easy and stress free way to find what you want, compare prices and not have to get out of your jammies! The idea of going to one of the box pop up halloween stores and spending a fortune for the 7 additional accessories you need to buy to complete the costume all while being exposed to the disgusting scary gools and bloody heads is pretty much how I felt while watching Miley perform at the VMA's last night. Boo!

Have you heard of Chasing Fireflies? It's an online children's boutique with adorable clothes and shoes and yes over 800 costumes in their Wishcraft line. What I love... is that the costumes are complete, they come with the hair piece, and the shoe covers and the leg warmers etc. They are beyond adorable and unique and the quality! Can we just talk quality for a second... I have bought costumes for $30 that have seriously ripped before Halloween! That super thin stretch material with velcro that doesn't hold, ya not Wishcraft! And whats even better is that you can purchase shoes that can be worn with the costume and then worn again as a fall shoe! So not the super cheap throw on that you waste $15 buying but an actual shoe like personalized chuck taylor's or Ugg boots. You can even do a little Christmas shopping with their great selection of toys.

So.. what did I pick for the twins!!! A glitter jelly fish and an elephant! Yes two adorable yet totally different costumes. People often ask if I dress them alike... answer... no. They are nothing alike and it seems strange to buy 2 of the same thing anyways. Adie is this sweet and loving, soft spirit. Like the jellyfish, dancing and hovering around. Arlie, runs with a tilt like an animal charging it's pray! She means business but is so cute and cuddly! I am in love with these costumes and the adorable pink chucks!

(*the views expressed were my own. I was not paid for this feature but did receive product) 

Kids Shoes - Whats Trending Saturday, August 24

Shoes say something... they are an expression just like an accessory. Your shoes can say a lot about your style and personality even for our kids. Let your kids have a little fun when picking out their shoes this season. Remember my Back to School style board? I am collecting all of the current trends and style ideas for you to gain inspiration and put looks together for less. For example, in the looks above, we could find similar pieces at more budget friendly stores but then maybe splurge on the shoes because those are the statement. Here are some current trend shoes for Fall... some are pricy but get inspired and then scout similar for less. 

Do you have a shoe explosion in your house like me? 5 kids equals a lot of shoes and it' not going to change any time soon. So my goal... create a space near the entry way to give each of the kids a home base they could take ownership of. Check out this ittle series about the  "faux mudroom"  

Kids Shoes - Whats Trending

Back To School Fashion Week Tuesday, August 20

Well it has begun... summer is officially over, except that this week happens to just be the hottest week we have had. The kids started school and for most of us that means cleaning out closets, donating clothes, shopping back to school lists and of course new clothes. I remember every year my mom would take us girls on a trip to the mall and it was the most looked forward to day of the summer! We would each get a budget along with what we had saved up and could buy whatever we wanted!!! It was really interesting to see who bought what and if the importance was on quality and brand vs quantity and savings.

Have you heard of Scotch & Soda? I will be doing an entire post about their amazing style and look-book for fall. But for now you can follow my pin board Styling Back to School  where you can see some of my fav looks. 

My littles wear uniforms which is nice and also not nice at the same time. You have to buy their wardrobe for school but also for real life after school! Target has a great selection with the reinforced knees, which is a must! French Toast and Landsend are also great places to get uniforms that last.

So here's my deal... stay current with what all the latest designers are putting out and then find ways to create the same looks for less. It makes me feel pretty savvy to find a comparable item and save $50 to $100 in the process. Adding a cute jacket with a bit of flare or edge will complete any look while letting your littles show of their personality a bit! How's your back to school week looking? Any fab deals you have found?
Kids Jackets Splurge or Steal

Styling Plaid Tuesday, August 13

I am doing a new series on the blog this fall called "styling" through pinterest. A visual dream of course and why not be intentional and create style boards specific to all of the latest trends to help give you some inspiration and tools to sprucing up your fall wardrobe. Today we are talking plaid! I remember wearing a plaid jumper as a little girl and the one plaid shirt I loved in high school. Plaid is a staple pattern and will never go out of style, at least in my book anyways. What's new... is that mixing plaid with other patterns and prints and textures is just as in style and allows you more freedom to express who you are through how you put it together.

When working with me as a personal stylist or virtual stylist, I create visual style boards like this, with all the many ways you can piece your looks together. I love seeing my options, it really helps. So we are taking this 1 plaid shirt  into an existing wardrobe.   You can see the links to purchase any of the above items here.  Style tip... plaid on plaid can totally work if it's the right color, pattern and shape. Here are all they ways I styled this plaid shirt and here is more inspiration to get lost in!


Morning Mixer Event Recap Thursday, August 8


I had such a great time in Chicago a couple weeks ago, meeting new people, enjoying some really fun parties and walking away with fantastic giveaways and products! Last year I met some awesome ladies and became a style contributor for their blog The Little Style File.  I will let them give you all the details, vendors and credits, in their write up of the Morning Mixer.  I was so impressed by the collaboration between Betsy and Kristin and their blogger friends Bon Bon Rose Girls featuring a slue of great retailers including Kashi. For a wonderful write up of all the new products from Kashi check out my contributor friend Cheryl's recap. At this event there were 50 influential and unique voices in the world of blogging, marketing, PR reps, fashion industry etc. I was just lucky to be a part of the amazing swag bags filled with brands we all love. Lot's more great photos here

black and white revisited Tuesday, August 6

The New Black & White

I am a huge fan of the modern black and white but for this fall I am really loving a new twist from Free People collection. White on white is so edgy by adding the stacked metal and black industrial shoe. The styling is clean, the small details and accessories is what kicks it up. Black leather with a simple white t. a striped cardi, and Boheme inspired sweater are subtle but make a style statement. How are you wearing black and white? Look for 1 or 2 pieces to add into your fall wardrobe.

Instagram Friday + Weekend Wear Friday, August 2

Styling Camo

See all my style boards here... Styling Camo by ahndeamay featuring ankle booties heels

Happy Friday! Here is a little fall preview inspiration! We are gearing up for a week of family vacation at a friends farm and then Lake Geneva! Can't wait to get going, but my to do list is getting longer as the time is narrowing. Here are a few of my favorite instagram pics of the week. Lots of designing and styling Lindsay Letters "be true" shirt was a highlight!  Your style maven xoxo