Find The Right Lip Color For Your Hair Color Monday, July 29

Find The Right Lip Color For Your Hair Color

As I have been working with clients, I am reminded of one of the most important accessories to your look... lipstick. I always say... "there is not too much a messy bun and lipstick can't fix." We are all busy and don't have much time to devote to our morning go to face, so here is a visual of the best lip colors for your hair color. I gave you neutral every day options as well as options to kick it up a notch. Think of lipstick as the cherry on top of a sundae. You have your foundation (the outfit) and then the details (accessories) and then the lipstick, either what makes a look cohesive or adds the pop! No matter what your look is you can add something special with the right lip color.

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Style Makeover - Before & After Monday, July 22

This is Kim, a wife, mother of 2 boys and photographer. She is talented, hard working, successful and her style.... well you can see. Casual, neutral, ok lets face it BORING! When I discovered she was still wearing maternity clothes for comfort, I knew she needed my help! We started with consulting. Asking questions about who she is, her likes and dislikes, how she wants to be perceived. I got a pretty good idea after a few minutes in her closet, that Kim had not been focusing much attention on herself. This is pretty typical of moms, as we are so busy worrying and carrying for our littles that our "self care" tends to land at the bottom. I created a little presentation for you "experience" a bit of what I do. So many of you have followed along and supported my business and now I am happy to share some results. Click on the presentation, make a full screen on the bottom right and click the arrows as you read along. When hiring me as your personal stylist this some of what you will experience. Use the arrows to go back and forth through the prezi.

 Now that you understand the process, it's time to reveal some of Kim's after photos. Her style class is neutral prep. She looks great in greens, mauve, mustard, black, navy, blue and even fuchsia. She likes her classics, but isn't afraid to push the envelope with a little direction. The most important lesson when styling is to understand how to piece things together. Clothes don't have to be expensive, you can style smart and get the same looks for a whole lot less. As an accessory designer, I love to incorporate my designs into the styling experience. In Kim's case, she likes minimal but whimsy.  I made her a vintage gold leaf chain necklace to coordinate with many of her looks. Here is a sampling of Kim's new wardrobe! I was able to give her over 25 new outfit combinations on a budget and shopping right here in Rockford. Teaching you how to shop smart means finding pieces that are accessible and then splurging on the fun stuff a few times each season.

Remember the before picture with the gray maternity skirt and gray top. Kim loves that casual feel and so I helped her find something a bit more pulled together like this mauve skirt from H&M, oatmeal tank, chambray top and some really cute booties, giving her a complete look. I am not pushing my style or the current style trends, instead I am helping you uncover your style and then kicking it up a notch. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some real results with Kim's makeover. Here's what she had to say about it.

"Over the past month Ahndea May has been working with me, cleaning out my closet and shopping with me - basically a closet overhaul! This week she came over and I modeled a bunch of different outfits she created using the pieces we bought. It was so much fun! I have never worked with a stylist before, but now I feel like I am helpless without one." ~Kim Neyer 

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Blogher Chicago Style

How to dress for Blogher Chicago

For many of you this is an exciting week! blogher is coming to Chicago and with that comes lots of parties, events, fashion shows, cocktail hours and many ways to network with other fantastic bloggers and major brands. This year, I will not be attending the actual conference but instead tried to get really specific about what events would make sense with my business. Being a mom of 5, time is valuable and limited. I have 3 events this week and honestly I am a bit nervous. Packing and styling your looks for can be pretty stressful and expensive. Finding just the right outfits, shoes, accessories can sometimes become more anxiety than the reward. My thought... don't stress, be prepared, find what works in your closet, and make smart choices. I created this style board to help you make balanced choices, fit everything in a carry on and still look fantastic! 

A few guidelines: 

1. Day to Night 

Pick something versitle that can easily transition from day to night with a quick shoe and accessory change. I have had my eye on this Loft jumpsuit for awhile now. I waited patiently for it to go on sale and it happened this weekend! 60% off! I will wear it more casual during the day and then add some killer heels and a feather necklace I designed for evening. 

2.  Cocktail 

Fit is key here. Choose a dress that flatters your shape and reflects your style. It may be an aline, bold print, fitted sheath, asymmetric etc. This will be your "fancy" look. Here are some options 

3. Daytime Chic

Think of what you would wear to a brunch or daytime date. I like a neutral color pallet, blush, cream, mint etc. I love these looks. 

4. Trend 

Have fun! Pick something trendy and playful. Let your personality come through a bit. You want to represent yourself as you and not anyone else. 

5. Layering Piece 

Be smart... choose a layering piece that can go with most of your looks. This gives you versatility to add structure or make a look instantly pulled together, or you may just get cold. 

Happy Styling! 

the top every closet must have Thursday, July 18

the top every closet must have

As I am helping you find your style, phase one was taking the style quiz to help you narrow down where your style lends.  My goal is to learn who you are and put together options that will lend to your class. Based on my experience I have narrowed it down to 4 classes.  Sophisticate, which is classy and tailored, Modern Edge, a bit more urban, current, edge. Neutral Prep is minimal, clean and trendy. Boheme Chic, is whimsical gypsy.  No matter what class you fall into I had to tell you about this amazing express convertible portifino blouse! Every closet needs 2 of these tops. As you can see, they come in many colors and prints and are the absolute perfect piece to make any outfit instantly pulled together. It's appropriate for all ages, and each class. I recommend getting one fun print and one solid to mix and match into your wardrobe. The options are limitless. Deal Alert! You can get these tops now through July 21st on major discount. Buy 1 get one $29 online plus $60 off $150 or $30 off $75 with promo code 1600 or 1614 in stores.

Are you loving this? Don't panic if your style is more than one class... once we find your true class we can style within that class but in many different ways. For example, if you are boheme chic and want to add a bit more modern edge, we would just add an element with a bit more edge but not changing the entire look like these amazing shoes! Much more to come, even one of my clients has agreed to letting us see her before working with me and after... the results are fantastic! Happy Day!

Style Quiz Monday, July 15

Pick your celeb style
This week I am going to help you nail down your style! As I work with clients just like you, the absolute number 1 thing I hear is "I know what I like but don't know how to put it together." It's important to know who you are, your likes and dislikes, your best shapes, risk levels and how to make fashion work for you.  I consider myself a dabbler...  I dabble in every style trend but know how to piece things together in ways that are not expected but just work. Let's start with a little quiz to help narrow it down.

We all love checking out what the celebs are wearing and get fully inspired as they set the trends.  Which celebrities do you follow? Who's dressing the way you want to be?  Heidi Klum has a quirky, sophisticated look, she is not afraid to push the envelope a bit but her every day look is chic and put together. Gwen Stefani rocks an amazing modern and edgy vibe. I am totally drawn to the way she mixes feminine with an unexpected flare like check black and white pants. But she makes it work, by pairing it with a black blouse, heels and a red lip. Jessica Alba is able to make neutrals, denim, and a simplistic look ahh mazing! She's not afraid of bold and pattern but her every day lends to minimal and nothing short of fabulous. Nicole Richie has become my go to for all things boheme. She regularly adorns bando head pieces, beachy waves and fabrics that flow.

Now that you have an idea of which celeb your style lends, here are some visuals for you to choose from. I labeled these styles to bring understanding as I consult and help people discover themselves. I spent hours updating my pinterest to be the best resource for you. Within each style you can add some of the others but there are a few rules when doing that.  I created fashion style boards for each of these 4 categories and many more, so you have an instant place to land for inspiration and ideas. Are you following my blog on bloglovin? Do it! Lots of major coming your way this week!

Style Quiz - What Style Are You?

a week in instagrams + favorite photography Friday, July 12

Sometimes the weeks just fly by. This was one of those weeks. Although I would love to blog more about my daily endeavors it may be just as easy to show you my week through Instagram

Monday started with going through some amazing pictures from a maternity shoot with Kim Neyer Photography. I took creative direction on this project after getting an email from Helen a mother of 2 boys and about to have her 3rd. She had never had photos taken of her while pregnant and decided 38 weeks was the right time! I wardrobe styled her family and then focused on Helen designing an heirbloom for her asos dress. I then put together a mood board of photography concepts helping to create the overall feel she wanted for her family to be captured. Here are a few shots.

By mid week, I started designing a few more dainty inspired accessories. I have scouted some beautiful vintage gold leafs that are being made into necklaces. Make sure to follow me on instagram for pop up shop sales of my new designs. I sold 2 already and only have 2 left, but many more designs coming.

Then a little kids photography session for an upcoming feature on capturing your kids in creative ways outside. I asked Kim Neyer to partner with me on this project since she is a mom of 2 and an amazing lifestyle photographer! We were in a friends back yard with 8 kids a camera and some props! Here are a couple screen shots Kim sent over. The story... a whimsical treasure hunt. 

a few things I am learning and weekend inspiration 

I would like to have more of this
loving this look for a day in Chicago
thinking of creating a little gratitude book for the littles
lunch with Trina McNeilly and Lindsay Letters was so nice and creatively refreshing

Details Details - free people belt 3 ways Monday, July 8

One belt 3 ways
When looking for accessories, remember to shop smart. This doesn't necessarily mean cheap, it means find something versatile that can be worn many ways and adds "detail" to your wardrobe. The finishing touches change the entire look of your style, which is why accessories are my thing! Today I chose this brown Free People belt (purchase through polyvore link). I styled it 3 ways for you to see how the belt adds a finished and fashionable layer. You don't need 5 belts, just one "right" belt and you are set. You could style this with a skirt and tank or even jeans, I just wanted to show you how easy this is to wear with 3 different types of dresses. 5 minute style! 

4th of July - Midwest Love Thursday, July 4

Happy 4th of July! And what better way to ring in the festivities than with a little midwest love. A lovely shoot I partnered up on with White Shutter  photography and a bunch of other amazing talents you can see here. As your gearing up for a weekend of fun, cookouts and family time, check out my 4th style picks, crafts and recipes over here.

Enjoy this quick video by Frank and Harvey documenting the shoot!

MidwestLove from corbyn on Vimeo.

you pick 3 - olive, mustard and melon - Personal Shopper Wednesday, July 3

Olive, pink and mustard color swatch

You pick 3 is a great way to be inspired by color. Choose a neutral, accent and pop color option and then begin to play with pattern and layers. I chose this flower cardigan because the muted blue gives a nice contrast to the stone shorts and melon tank. Always look for the piece to tie it all together, especially when using color. A print or floral incorporating all of your colors keeping it cohesive and complete. Remember a metallic shoe is an easy solution when the focus is on top. My focal is the cardigan here.. but we could take away the cardigan and go with a cute leopard print shoe tying in the mustard from the purse. In that case the focal would be the shoe and the other pieces are accents, make sense?

This week I had 2 personal shopping clients. I love getting to do on location style sessions. Each client gave me their budget and off we went. First I get to know a bit about them, their story, job or season of life and what you are wanting to portray to others. "Engaging and friendly," one client said, the other wanted to look put together on the job but comfortable enough to move as she is a photographer. You may just need seasonal help to enhance your current wardrobe with a few new statement pieces. Or like Kim, you may need an entire overhaul, getting rid of what doesn't work and starting from scratch. In a few weeks you will meet Kim and see the before and after, how I narrowed down the selections, found her perfect style and built an amazing wardrobe of "go to" looks! Let's take the guess work out of looking good and feeling confident! Don't forget to follow my style boards on pinterest and contact me for details on how you can have a stress free wardrobe that brings out the best version of you!

a few things I'm learning Tuesday, July 2

Do you ever wonder where your path is leading, if the steps your taking are the "right" ones and will eventually bring you to the place you are "supposed" to be?  Are you second guessing your decisions, lost in to many decisions or just can't make decisions? I often struggle with the plan. Understanding the push and pull, relax and drive, concerted effort to natural destiny! I was able to spend some alone time a few weeks ago, thinking, praying, reading and just being. I joined the Mr. on a business trip to Utah and am so thankful I did. I truly wasn't expecting much, just alone time in a hotel room with silence. As mothers you know how much planning it takes to actually get away and by the time we shuffled around 5 kids packing their bags, toys, pack n plays, car seats, electronics and then typing up the big kids daily game schedules etc, a recovery day was essential. As we pulled up to this view, I knew there was a plan for this trip! 

Nature is simply the best healer, the sun, the crisp air, beautiful landscape and peace. I have been struggling this summer with the balance of being full time mom to 3 active kids out of school and twin toddlers with an entirely different set of needs. In addition to my business which continues to grow and bring opportunity and then just life, issues, relationships, hurts, and unresolved emotions. Is there a way to bring focus on personal growth and my relationship with my husband and friends etc. which tends to take a back seat to the immediate needs with the kids?  Not sure we will have have this perfectly nailed down, but I did get some clarity on long hike up this mountain. The trail started very narrow and steep, much harder than I was expecting. I focused on keeping a steady rhythm even with my breathing. The Utah air, is crystal clear with no humidity but with the elevation change, you can almost loose your breath and feel much more winded than normal. I trudged on as the path became dark from the thousands of trees surrounding me. There were times the path was rocky and difficult, even dangerous. And then the path would open as you winded up and around the mountain.

After what felt like hours, I finally made it to the last mile of the hike. I could tell quickly this would be the most difficult part, as the trail was no longer in the woods but on the side of a mountain so high the temp had now dropped and there was snow on the mountain sides. I honestly thought it would never end. The wind was intense enough to make you loose your footing.  Fear snuck up on me as I neared the top and wondered how I would ever make it down. Should I turn around now? I don't really need to get to the top, right? Still I continued and as I made the last turn a glimpse of relief came over me as I noticed someone else and not just someone else, something else... a chair lift! After making it all the way up, I was able to ride all the way back down and rest my legs to this scene.  As I soaked in the serene beauty of the Utah mountains, I was reminded of how my life journey parallels the hike. Sometimes your alone and the view isn't clear and maybe the road gets rough with trials and hardship. There are times to dig in and endure the struggle and usually things peak before breaking way to peace. But the sweetest reminder was after all the hard work and consistency and perseverance, there was hope, a ride down, a lift of help to bring me comfort and time to rest. Sound familiar? Be encouraged today... perseverance is more than endurance. It is endurance combined with the absolute assurance and certainty that what we are looking for is going to happen - Oswald Chambers 

Romans 5:3 we can exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance, and perseverance proven character, and proven character... hope