Trendy Sophisticated Friday, March 11

Recenty I have noticed alot of really cute glasses not sun glasses but just readers.  My good friends Linds and Christina have some super cute one's and even the little ones are sporting these readers like my daughters friend Ella! I myself would love to find a pair that suites my style so here is what I have found...

I think Urban has the best deals on some trendy readers.  $10 - $15 bucks

Do you have any glasses to show me?

Lovely Stripes Wednesday, March 9

The never ending debate of stripes!  Do they make you look leaner or wider?  I am actually really loving stripes right now so I am interested to see what you think about this post all about stripes!

Let's check out how the celebs are wearing their stripes! This look is my fav by Kate Moss!

Now lets see what is out there for us to purchase...

Tese are from and are under $25 bucks

These 2 beauties are from and are $49.50.  The sailor dress is adorable!

I got this little number above from
Love this purse from

Happy shopping for stripes...Send me pictures of how you are wearing your stripes!

Blouses Tuesday, March 8

Blouses by Ahndeamay featuring bridal sandals

Here are some other great ideas for styling blouses I found on

Camel or Carmel Tuesday, March 1

I have been on the hunt for some new "Camel" shoes for spring!  I have had a really tough couple of weeks and as much as I hate to say it, "retail therapy" does help a little... I'm not going to lie.  I don't get the chance to shop very often for myself, with the three little ones in tow, so Moday I took a couple hours and hit the Geneva Commons in Elgin.

I got the denim shirt above and am so into the color combo of camel and denim.  And then it made me think of all the carmel treats I could have...

Then I moved on to finding some really hot camel shoes

Which ones do you like?  And what fabulous vacation am I going to wear these on?

Now I must have these shoes!