Pregnancy Fashion! Wednesday, April 27

So as I am looking into summer now, I am thinking about what to wear, what I don't get to wear and what I should wear so that I am still stylish even with a large baby bump!

I checked out what some of the celeb fashion was for summer while pregnant... cute ideas!

I think I will be opting for dresses!  It will be hot and I want to be comfy but cute too.   I will not however be wearing a one piece get up like Alicia... hahah

TWINS!!!!!! Friday, April 22

Some of you may be wondering where I have been, and rightfully so!  Well... I found out in March I am having twins!  Yes natural twins!  Which in itself is super shocking, but more shocking is that I already have 3 which means I am going to have 5, which is why I have been in a state of shock for the last 2 months oh and also because I have been throwing up daily and feel like I have run a marathon over and over and over! So that is the news, that is what I have been up to!

I have to say my mind has been reeling about how I am going to look fashion forward carrying twins, and then all these celebrities came to mind that have had twins and all of the sudden I realized "only celebs have twins" because they have nannies, and chefs and personal trainers and baby nurses and all the things you need to look fabulous and have twins!  Will I survive!!!!!

I will try my best to post pictures of prego fashion! I am 3 months and look like I'm bloated and not cute yet!  HAHAH!  I HATE MATERNITY CLOTHES!!!!! So I will have to be creative!

Send me your thoughts, ideas pictures!  If your pregnant, which I know 12 people who are right now, send me pics of your fashion ideas!