Weekly Musings Thursday, October 17

Textiles like this have really caught my eye lately. I find myself drawn to visuals like this, with unexpected colors and interesting patterns. Where would you put a textile like this in your home? Mixed in a  gallery wall  or maybe in your office or shop

Something I would like to try this Fall is chunky socks with boots. Last season it was all about dainty and feminine socks paired with pretty shoes and flats. This season I am intrigued by the strong confidence of a boot blended with a cozy,thick fleecy sock. Here are some inspired ways to style this look. 

This quote is speaking to me... 

I am working on bridal accessories collection and am simply mesmerized by the back on this Berta Bridal design. A woman's back is sexy and rarely exposed, I love the story this photo tells.

What are you musing over this week? Anything really catch your attention?

colory textiles

belle magazine


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